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Feminized Seeds

Feminized Seeds are designed to produce only female plants. It is these feminized marijuana seeds that produce the beautiful resinous, trichome covered buds that we desire. Male marijuana plants (also known as hemp) are mainly used for cannabis breeding and/or creating industrial hemp.

All of the feminized cannabis seeds that we sell are extremely stable as new feminizing techniques and intensive, multi-stage breeding programs ensures that our feminized cannabis seeds are 100% stable, consistent and productive. 

Feminized Seeds - Feminized Cannabis Seeds USA

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  • Northern Lights #5 Seeds

      Northern Lights #5 Seeds The Northern Lights Strain was originally designed as an indoor cannabis seed strain in US in the late 1970s. Northern Lights was originally a stabilized...
  • OG Kush Seeds

    OG Kush Seeds

    O.G. Kush Seeds   O.G. Kush seeds are a legendary cannabis strain that almost everyone has heard of and one that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime! OG Kush stands...
  • Original Skunk #1 Seeds

    Original Skunk #1 Seeds Original Skunk #1 was the first true stabilized hybrid to be used by the Dutch Cannabis greenhouses. And many of the most popular strains that we know...
  • Strawberry Banana Seeds

      Strawberry Banana Seeds    Strawberry Banana Seeds is one of our exciting new additions,  an indica-dominant cannabis strain with a 70/30 indica to Sativa ratio. This spectacular strain was developed by DNA Genetics and...
  • Super Silver Haze Seeds

          Super Silver Haze Seeds   Super Silver Haze seeds are not the easiest to grow for beginners, they do provide you with a challenge, or something to...
  • Supreme CBD Durban Seeds

      Supreme CBD Durban Seeds Supreme CBD Durban is a CBD-rich strain known for its wide range of medicinal properties. These feminized seeds have a 1:1 ratio with 8% CBD...
  • Tangie seeds

      Feminized Tangie seeds  Feminized Tangie seeds -  aka Tangerine Dream from 1995 is a stunning strain from DNA Genetics, Private Reserve Bank. Tangie won 1st place in the Best Sativa category at the...
  • True OG Kush Seeds

      True OG Kush Seeds The True OG Kush strain is an extremely popular indica strain originating in Southern California, where the term OG originally meant “Ocean Grown”.This True OG...
  • UK Cheese Seeds

    UK Cheese Seeds UK Cheese cannabis strain is the most popular to come out of the Exodus Crew, a collective of people who used to be based around the Luton region...
  • White Rhino Seeds

    White Rhino Seeds  White Rhino Seeds are a combination of genetics from Afghanistan, Brazil, and India. These White Rhino Seeds have a relatively short flowering time indoors of 6 weeks with heavy indica production indoors of up...
  • Zkittlez Seeds

        Zkittlez Seeds The wonderfully named Zkittlez cannabis strain is a strong indica-dominant combination of its genetic parents, Grape Ape and Grapefruit. Both of these are known for their...
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