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Sensi Star Seeds



Sensi Star Seeds

First introduced in 1995 by Sensi Seeds, this Sensi Star strain's stability was vastly improved over the years to deliver a superior cannabis plant with epic buds.

Although mostly indica, Sensi Star weed takes a little longer to grow but are generally ready in about 65-70 days.

Sensi Star works well indoors and outdoors, and both hydroponic and soil methods are equally suitable.

The best way to grow indoor is using the SOG, or Sea of Green set-up with 20 plants per square meter, planted tightly together. If you choose the sea of green method, it's best to let them grow for approximately 2 weeks before entering the 12/12 light cycle (flowering stage).

Sensi Star grows well outdoors in temperate zones, where she will reach approximately 2 meters (6 feet) and produce an average of 400 grams in a successful season. For larger plants, the sensi star strain needs a little extra space and you may need to support the lower side branches if you decide to let them flower.

Sensi Star weed is a headstrong indica that produces rock hard colas with strong pungent aroma, and a lemon taste. Most find the Sensi Star Strain to be a very strong body stone, while some describe a more energetic and cerebral high.

Characteristics of the Sensi star strain

  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Sex: Regular Seeds (non-feminized)
  • Genotype: 90% Indica/ 10% Sativa
  • Sensi Star Genetics: Unknown
  • Indoor flowering period: 65-70 days
  • Outdoor harvest time: mid-October
  • Outdoor yield: 2-4 lbs per plant
  • Indoor yield: 400-600 g/m2
  • Outdoor height: 5 - 10 Feet
  • THC Content: 20% +
  • CBD Content: 0.1%

Sensi Star Seeds - Genetic Information

The Sensi Star strain is one of the worlds finest cannabis strains, and these sensi star seeds appeals to old school and new schoolers alike.

Customer Reviews

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Sensi-Star regular seeds

My seeds arrived (northeastern USA) 5 days after placing order. My order wasn’t complete, but the folks at Seed King made it right, and shipped the rest of my order promptly. The packaging was discreet and protected the seeds from moisture/damage. I’m on day 5 of germinating my seeds, and 9 of my 10 seeds have sprouted. The first sprouts popped through the soil on day 3. I’ll have more to say as this grow progresses, but I know right now that I’ll do business with these folks again.

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